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Jument AMHA Overo
Vendetta from Cap de la Coste


Born on 05/17/09


Sire: Briar Patch Mohawks Broken Arrow

Dam: RHA Thunder Ballroom Blitz


88 cm at the withers, 86 cm last hair

Chestnut Sabino Splash (ee SB1sb1 SW1sw1)

FREE from ACAN D1-D4 Dwarfism & Skeletal Atavism


Recent results

1st / 6 Mares suitées -  Vichy 2017

Vendetta combines a model that is both sporty and very elegant with pretty looks. Long legs, a short back and a delicacy that is noticeable even in winter hair make her a quality mare. She is of a good temperament, although relatively close to blood, but her curiosity always outweighs any concerns. She is an outstanding broodmare who takes care of her foals in a remarkable way. Patient and caring, she always keeps an eye on her offspring in order to meet their every need.

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