Our foals are born, except surprise, in boxes with surveillance camera and foal detection system (Breeder Alert attached to the halter of the mares), thus giving us more chances to attend the births. We carry out basic first aid while making sure to let the mother and her little one "manage" as much as possible (injection of the first serums, disinfection of the cord and, if necessary, microlax for the evacuation of meconium).

   Minis and more particularly AMHAs are much more lively and resourceful than large foals. Typically, they are on their feet and have had their first feed in 15-30 min . They also come to humans more quickly and have reached 90% of their adult size at just 1 year of age.

   Separated from the herd the first days of life to ensure a foal comfortable on its feet, we reintroduce the mares and their foals around 10/15 days of life. The first few weeks are crucial in terms of desensitization, so we quickly teach them to accept contact without constraint, especially in the legs and hooves. This allows us to have babies who come without apprehension to look for the scratchings and who quickly understand the basic rules ( respect , calm ...).

   We wean around the age of 7-10 months , according to an organization and a variable process depending on the characters of the mares and foals to allow them to enter serenely into their "child-teenager" period.

2022 births

Nous attendons 6 naissances pour l'année prochaine. Nos juments devraient pouliner de début Mars à début Avril 2023.


Vendetta, Dakota & Lost sont gestantes de Haston.
Grace, Hanjie & Halloween sont gestantes de Vivo.

Nos poulains sont garantis indemnes des deux gènes du Nanisme (ACAN D1-D4 & Skeletal Atavism) et de Frame Overo (LWO).

Notre liste d'attente est ouverte, si vous êtes intéressées par l'un de ces croisements ou bien plus généralement par un poulain issus de notre élevage (avec critère de sexe ou de robe par exemple), n'hésitez pas à nous contacter et à venir nous rentre visite.

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