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Valuation & Work

We offer services for putting your horse to work and breaking in. Backed by several years of experience in contact with horses and involved in their development at work, our methods can be summed up by its three words: Respect - Precision - Firmness .

We work according to the rhythm and the capacities of the horse, in a progressive and continuous way. Horses stay between 2 to 8 weeks  on average, our field of action is varied.

  • First desensitizations and tying your foal

  • Setting to work on foot according to the age of the equine: Lanyard, Long reins, Obstacle, Trail

  • Breaking strength: Skiing and Roller Joering, Driving

  • Deposit-Sale with valuation at work

It is imperative for us to maintain a relationship of trust and transparency with you. We will also send you weekly details of the sessions carried out with your animal. In addition, we are attached to the fact of making you participate actively in getting to work and we always plan several "3" sessions to give you the codes that have been established.

Our prices start from 150 € and all our services come with a training contract. We are covered through an RC Pro.

In the video below, Big Bang, AMHA stallion came for his breaking out at the Hitch.

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